Diaphram calcualtion setting [SOLVED]


Is there a way to select the diaphragm calculation setting FULLY RIGID through the API?


Hi @TommasoVidali!

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to set the “Fully rigid” option for diaphragm calculations through the API.

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Hope it gets added soon, otherwise the analysis cannot be fully automatized. @MarcoPelle

Hi @TommasoVidali! :slight_smile:

Thanks to your question, we discovered a bug. It has now been fixed, so from the new release at the end of this month, you will be able to set the ‘fully rigid’ and the ‘rigid membrane’ options for the ‘diaphragm’ calculations.

You can see the workflow below. Sample Grasshopper file attached.

sample.zip (20.0 KB)


Great! That will be quite useful. :slight_smile: