Isolated point foundations component [SOLVED]


I am trying to model several isolated point foundations and I have the following output:

I feed the output to the “Create Model” component, but it looks like that the component does not read all the elements, but only one.

Just to give an overall vie of what I am modelling: terrain deck supported by point foundations.

Picture of the model:

Hi @TommasoVidali

Have a look at the example below. (59.6 KB)

If you have issue, feel free to share your simplified grasshopper script and I will take a look!

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Hej @MarcoPelle,

My output is a flatten list of foundation elements, as in your script, see below:

But still I am not able to get all the point foundations that I have modelled.

I Input the foundation elements to the ConstrucModel\Elements.

Are you sure that is a flatten list what you are using as input?
If it does not work, feel free to send me a teams meeting and we will check it togheter

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Hej @MarcoPelle,

Thanks for the great support. The error was in the order of the elements in the list. I fixed that and now everything works as it should. Grazie :slight_smile:

thanks @TommasoVidali

Would you mind explaining which order have you change?
It might be that we need to add some error handling to help the users understand that something was wrong with their input

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of course.

Basically I have two set, one set represents the foundation itself(surface) and the other the plinth locations (point).

Being the plinth not in the middle of the surface, I have to pair the correct plinth center to the correct surface.

The surfaces where not ordered in the same way as the points, so for example I was using the following inputs:

  • F1 -----> Srf-ExtrudedSolid
  • P2------>ConnectionPoint-Foundation

So the connection point was outside the surface representing the foundation.

The errors was not related to the FEM Design component, but to the data manipulation I was doing before. :slight_smile: