Variable surface load - LoadLocationValue [SOLVED]


I am struggeling to use the variable surface load component due to “invalid cast” to the LoadLocationValue input. Hint states that the input needs to be in this format [q1,q2,q3] and that list should have 3 items. I have tried all formats I can think of without any luck. Would anyone be able to share an example?

Ida Lea

Hi @IdaLea

Can you try in replicating my script as in the picture?

Hi Marco,

I must have been blind the other day, did not see that LoadLocationValue.Construct component! Thanks!

Ida Lea

Thanks anyway to try in helping the other users. We were probably writing the same answer at the same time. :slight_smile:

@anLor is currently planning to merge “LoadLocation.Value” within “SurfaceLoad.Variable” component as we also think that it will be more user-friendly.