Auto-Design output [SOLVED]

Im trying to use the autodesign in grasshopper and i can see the calculation working fine. When i go to look in the results, if i have analysis connected with calcDesign, case and comb sett to true i get an empty result. if i disconect analysis i get the new model but when i analyse it again i get over 100% utilization. The same thing happens when i disconnect result types.
The only way i got a viable result was when i ran the autodesign twice but didnt apply changes on the secon oneand only connecte result types on the secon one.
and i keep getting the warning that changes wil be applyed, when it happens the window does not close so i get 10 windows open at the same time.

I just opened the file again and now it outputs the model with the new beams but the results are empty. i have not made any changes since the last post.

Application.Run has been refactored within the mileston 22.9.0 and the code has been improved for autodesign.

In detail:

If the user set autodesign == true and check == true, the API will automatically trigger a new analysis with the new sections and dead load. Sequentally, it will be possible to get results based on the new structure