Creating new vehicles [SOLVED]


I’m currently working on creating moving loads for a railway station using the grasshopper API. However, I’ve run into some problems. It seems that there’s no way to create new vehicles in the API, only the option to deconstruct existing ones. Is it possible to add the ability to create new vehicles to the API? If not, are there any other available tools that can help me achieve this? Being able to add new customizable vehicles would benefit road and railway projects that often require changes.

Best regards,
Simen Loken

Hi @SimenLoken

It is not possible to create vehicle with some FEM-Design component at the moment.
However, if you are skilled in coding, and you have some xml undertanding, you can create your own vehicle creating your own database (which is an .xml file)

FEM-Design 23 will have a big focus on moving load so we will give access to vehicle constructor in the near future.

Have a look at the output file of moving load export.

GitHub Link to follow the state of the case

Thank you for the quick response Marco!

Hi @SimenLoken

I am glad to let you know that next version of FEM-Design API will give you access to the vehicle object and you will be able to construct them with the API :slight_smile:


The new release is expected at the end of the month

Hi Marco,

This is great news, thank you for the update and the great work you are doing! :blush:

Best regards,

Simen Steinkjer Løken
Bridges and Constructions Oslo