Generate load combinations from a list of loadgroups and/or loadcases [SOLVED]


It would really help if the generate load combination function (as in FEM-Design) was available as a grasshopper component.

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Hi @Turez

Have you tried using the following component?

Looks like it has been implemented only few month ago :slight_smile:

Ah thanks Marco! It is exactly what I meant :star_struck:

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However it would be nice if the other combinations could be chosen as well (6.11 or 6.15 etc.) :wink:

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not sure I follow :slight_smile:
What is it 6.11 or 6.15?
I can not see them in the GUI in FEM-Design

Haha yeah sorry, throwing random numbers around. These are the combinations I used as an example:

It would be nice if all of the different combinations in SS-EN-1990-EN were available. :smile:

Hey guys,
It is possible in the FD GUI - maybe we can have a chat about that @MarcoPelle.

Johanna Riad at Strusoft has earlier provided me with a Grasshopper cluster to read load cases and load combinations from an Excel spreadsheet that I use in all my projects now. You will not get away from making the combinations manually, but you have it in a more convenient format than Grasshopper spaghettis.

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That sounds amazing for now! :star_struck:

if you are interested in the workflow between excel and gh, here we go a script for you!